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I am available for speaking engagements. I can craft talks on any of the topics found on this site. I am also available for writing assignments, i.e. speeches, talks, presentations, journals, magazines, newspapers, alternative newsweeklies, scholarly journals, and books.  All plays are available for production. Please contact me by email or on Facebook at: 

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Ben is a musician, community organizer and content creator whose mission is to inspire joy, invite hope, and incite peace through music, spiritual practice and community.
Charlotte Kruk is a teaching artist dedicated to divine transformation, upcycling, recycling, repurposing, and resourcefulness
Craig is an actor, singer, writer, and dancer by trade. He also works to build community and bridges between open-minded free-thinking individuals.
Lorien's goal is to provide free complimentary therapies to people dealing with cancer. She is is trained in yoga healing therapy and spiritual practices.
Steve is a beauty and hair-care professional by trade. He also works to help increase awareness and understanding about social inequities in his industry.
Bridget is a brand and website designer "for people who help people." She says, "I support you in getting to know yourself, know your brand, and elevate your mojo so you can confidently share your business with the world."
Suzie Hagopian is a licensed psychotherapist working with evidence-based practices and mind/body principles that incorporate biological, psychological, and social perspectives on wellness
The late Bryant Rollins' mission was to engender the healing of divisions that stem from racial and other cultural differences, hopefully leading to transformative change in people and institutions.

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