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Black History Month 2024 in Jacksonville

Feb. 20 - 22 Hal Jacobs' short documentary Just Another Bombing? is about the attempt on the life of a Jacksonville woman and her son after she tried to integrate a local elementary school. On Feb. 21 and 22 I will be participating in a roundtable Q&A after the screening. The February 22 screening is taking place in the neighborhood where the bombing occurred, and Human Rights Commission Executive Director Rudolph Jamison will be leading a Gracious Space community-dialogue circle. 


Feb. 21 The Jacksonville Historical Society will be holding one of their Speaker Series events based on oral histories I conducted with African American members of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, prompted by the  the murder of George Floyd in 2021. I will be conducting a roundtable with two of my subjects as well as three new conversants  

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Feb. 24  I will be speaking on the "survivals" that African slaves brought with them to the New World at the monthly meeting of the James Weldon Johnson Branch of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH). "Survivals" are aspects of African culture that "survived" the slave trade, like religion, language, or hairstyles. This talk will focus on the arts, in keeping with ASALH's 2024 national theme. 


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