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The Tampa Tribune

December 2, 1921

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You think the past has no connection to the present?

This articles is referring to a scandalous murder trial here in Jacksonville nearly 100 years ago. A father and mother of six children, Joe and Ada Lang, were mercilessly shot down on their own property. Their children were scattered that night, there being no further record of their whereabouts other than John, who testified at his parents' trial. What happened to the other children? This article from the Florida Metropolis provides more details to the story . . .    

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The Tampa Tribune

December 3, 1921

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Through the outreach of the Jacksonville Community Remembrance Project, the great grand-daughter of Joe and Ada Lang, Maliza Lang McMillan, heard about its Oral History Project. Mrs McMillan's father was haunted  to his last days by the fact that he knew so little about his own father, Joe and Ada's son, Emery. I was honored to conduct the Lang family oral history, found below.


The JCRP Research Committee is still searching for the property Mrs. McMillan's family lost and the rest of her family members! The committee has put together a genealogy and one member, Mary Breitenbach, has even put together an amazing family tree on But the committee still needs a lot of help. Please watch the video and anyone with any information, please be sure to reach out! 

About David

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from UCLA, a Master of Arts in History from Cal State University--Los Angeles, and a Doctor of Philosophy in African Diaspora History from Indiana University. I spent nine years as a public school teacher first in East New York, Brooklyn, and then in South and East Los Angeles. 


My dissertation topic was on slave resistance, as well as the construction of race. Although I am considered a resistance scholar, I am primarily interested in creating community dedicated to effecting global change through the promotion of justice and freedom for all living things. So I consider myself a "freedom scholar."

I am originally from Queens, New York, but I currently reside in Jacksonville, Florida, where I am the Assistant Professor of History at Edward Waters College, Florida's first HBCU.

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