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Where Bernie Went Wrong

I don’t understand why the first time Bernie was asked about being a socialist president, he didn’t say: “America is already a socialist country. What do you think the New Deal was?”

The American economy has had socialist aspects to it for years. It is what is called a “mixed economy.” All socialism is is when the government uses tax money to take care of some things in life that poor people can’t afford. Pure Communism doesn’t work but pure capitalism doesn’t work either. That’s what the Great Depression was about. America hasn’t been a purely capitalist economy since anyone alive now has been alive. American and Russian economists have known this for decades and borrowed aspects from the world’s only other superpower for the entire Cold War. There are many racist reasons why people who hate socialism also hate black people but that is for another post. Suffice it to say: America is both capitalist and socialist, Russia is also both capitalist and socialist, and so is China and so is England. Major industrialized countries have had to incorporate aspects of both economic systems to stay competitive. How is this news? How can so many Americans have learned that FDR was re-elected four times and yet cringe at the thought of a socialist government? Are you serious? Are we so thrown off just because America called itself “capitalist” and Russa called itself “Communist” for branding reasons? But is the truth so hard to see? Is it so hard to pull the wool over our eyes? We can lift up that wool with Google. Bernie shoulda hired me for his messaging.

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