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Welcome to my site. My primary purpose is to connect with people interested in effecting global change. I am available to speak or write on any of the topics or research you see on this site, please contact me. Also, I hope you are entertained.

Here's my first post: I am struggling with seeing maskers and antimaskers draw lines around the policing of each others' conduct. I am especially hurt to see liberals being the policers and shamers. That is not why diverse cultural groups allied with you, so you could display the same sort of craving for bodily control of others we ran away from. It's a very fraught and nuanced argument with microscopic invaders, though, so I see both sides. Is this maybe the one time policing should have happen? Either way, it can't lead to division because our humanity is what unites us against this common enemy. That leads me to my second post. The aliens that Hollywood portrayed in 1950s invaders movies should have been microscopic.

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