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Nervous Energy

The next time you’re waiting in line, take a look at the people in line with you. Pay attention to people who are moving in some kind of way as they stand -- either swaying back and forth, looking to and fro, or constantly shifting their weight. These are impatient people. But more importantly, these are insecure people.

This is how insecurity manifests. It makes it such that, when you are in public, you are manifestly aware of how much time you might be under the scrutiny of others. Standing in line reminds people that they are still not in the safe place of solitude, where no one will judge them for whatever they choose to do. Now take a look at people who stand completely still. Staying still and waiting patiently in line is a sign of inner peace. I defy you to find me more telltale signs of these psycho-spiritual states.

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